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Engaging Leaders: A Leadership Maryland Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

In this episode, Eric Brotman ‘09 and guest host Memo Diriker ‘12 are joined by Jim Perdue ‘00, chairman of Perdue Farms. During the episode, Eric, Memo, and Jim discuss how Perdue Farms has navigated the pandemic, the different dynamics of family leadership, and the importance of diversity in decision-making.

Covered during the episode:

  • The pandemic’s impact on food production, distribution, and safety
  • Jim’s personal leadership style in comparison to his father, Frank Perdue’s and his grandfather, Arthur W. Perdue’s —and how diversity among leadership aids the decision-making process
  • The next chapter for Perdue and the process of preparing younger generations to lead
  • How Perdue continues to keep employees across the nation well-informed, safe, and productive
  • The importance of “taking on a cause” as a high-level leader

For show notes & more: